From R&D to commercialization, our analytics, algorithms and workflows help teams make data-driven decisions. And with “AI” at its core, “Z” at the forefront and “dyn” in tow, ZAY-din is as dynamic as the future of life sciences. 

Our platform learns as more people engage, share and build. AI takes the guesswork out of what’s relevant by serving up role-specific insights and suggestions. 

Reduce time and friction by giving everyone in the organization the same high-quality data and analytics insights. A streamlined mobile experience helps people do their best work from anywhere. 

Modular offerings mean you can get your organization up and running quickly and add functionality as you need it. Include business units, brands or global offices effortlessly when you’re ready. 

Our open architecture works within existing IT infrastructures, while data management tools and system connectors create efficiencies for your IT teams, data analysts and data scientists. 

Reduce both data privacy and security risks by keeping data and intellectual property securely within your organization.