You need to assess strengths, gaps and opportunities for your organization to improve its patient-centric capabilities—including leadership and culture; organizational structure and business process; data, analytics and insights; and partnership strategy.

Patients have to be positioned at the core of your organization, with your therapy or service designed with their needs in mind.

As precision medicine spreads into more therapeutic areas, healthcare organizations have to learn how to serve an audience of one—giving direct-to-consumer advertising and patient support a whole new meaning.

Is your organization prepared for patient centricity? We’ll assess your readiness, and search for the overlaps between patient needs and business objectives to find the best opportunities for delivering next-level patient initiatives. We then work with your team to build out the capabilities and processes to help you succeed in delivering exceptional experiences and value to patients and your business.

Precise insights into patient decision-making and behaviors provide the baseline for improving patient engagement. We offer market research, data analysis, behavioral science research, social listening, patient barrier analysis and more.

The right message at the right time to the right audience is the key to successful communications. We assess your value proposition, map the patient journey, segment your market and craft your messaging to help you interact with patients successfully.

We can help you plan your investments, promotions and channel mix, and measure the impact through tracking studies, AQTION (our closed-loop measurement approach to DTC impact measurement), marketing mix models, KPI tracking and predictive modeling.