Pricing strategies can trigger emotional reactions from customers and the media if you don’t communicate value effectively. How can you establish pricing and communication strategies that affirm the value of your products?

Decision makers require compelling evidence to help justify your offering’s value. How do you avoid research bias and communicate evidence-based value in a way that resonates with key stakeholders? 

Developing the right price for a product or service that’s considered essential can be difficult. How do you build a pricing strategy that customers consider fair but that provides a reasonable return on investment?

In life sciences, the “dinner for three” purchase process, in which buyer, payer and consumer are distinct, complicates pricing even further. How can you understand and address the value drivers of each stakeholder?

Negotiate prices more effectively with a pricing strategy that clearly supports product benefits and value based on customer needs and the competitive environment. 

We’ll help your organization develop innovative pricing and contracting solutions that align with value and risks across customer segments.

Support profitable decision-making at all levels of your organization with rigorous policies and processes that ensure consistent execution and performance management of your pricing strategy.

Our advanced pricing and contracting analytics enable real-time pricing and contracting decisions. In life sciences, we also can finalize health economic models to serve various payer and client needs, such as cost effectiveness and budget impact.

Implement a comprehensive contracting strategy that yields operational efficiency, improved selling effectiveness and pricing optimization.