We build a robust foundation for evidence-based decision-making by leveraging advanced evidence synthesis methodologies. Our goal is to identify unmet therapeutic value, disease burden, epidemiology, comparative effectiveness and budgetary impact.

Our experts help determine the economic impact of a therapeutic intervention to deliver strategic vision and drive decision-making, pipeline strategy and product value narratives for internal and external audiences.

We leverage deep clinical and economic insights to develop and communicate a clear evidence generation framework for therapeutic value that is tailored to market nuances, the needs of key stakeholders and unmet patient needs. 

Comparative data often cannot be generated in clinical trials. We conduct rigorous statistical analyses of multisource data to evaluate its heterogeneity and uncertainty, facilitating an understanding of a product’s relative value.

Value can only be demonstrated if the context is correctly set. Our team builds this context by understanding and quantifying the clinical, human and economic impact of diseases, in a format specifically tailored to the needs of the target audience.

Theoretical value needs to be codified. We achieve this when we bring insight, evidence and technical excellence together to create a suite of health economic models, including all forms of budget impact and cost-effectiveness models. Our digital economic models feature added UX, visual and emotional impact.

Our communication work incorporates the art of storytelling, deep understanding of audiences and expert medical writing to ensure that value resonates. Our digital global value dossiers include advanced UX design features suitable for the digital era. 

A complete multiperspective evidence story is necessary to drive decision-making. We use sophisticated evidence synthesis methods and stakeholder engagement frameworks to qualitatively synthesize evidence and drive system-level change.

We devise publication and execution strategies and create tailored communications designed to express your product’s value in ways that resonate with your key audiences.