One size doesn’t fit all with key account management. 

B-to-B sales has become an organization-wide, cross-functional effort, and siloed teams and functions are barriers to best-in-class KAM. 

Key account management requires specialized skill sets and competencies.

To assess and improve performance across roles and functions, you need to take a balanced-scorecard approach.

Get a deep-dive audit of your KAM capabilities. Then we’ll help you design road maps to address near-term priorities and long-term goals, and build and deliver the case for change.

Develop deep customer insight and identify the right customer accounts and segments. Then develop relevant value propositions, build out the KAM team and program, and design the implementation plan.

We’ll help you build and execute Early Experience TeamsTM for launching the operating model, customer engagement process, account planning and management tools, and account management process—as well as scaling up the approaches and enablers.

Access our road-tested and customizable KAM competency models, learning and development plans, coaching and training programs, performance management solutions and change management strategies.

Set relevant and meaningful metrics at program, cross-functional team and individual levels, and plan incentives to match. We’ll also help with reporting and dashboards, and master data management solutions.