How do you establish your organization’s trajectory, know where to invest and decide whether to build internally or inorganically?

How can you build a robust pipeline—including inorganic growth candidates—that delivers strong returns while avoiding unanticipated gaps in your revenue stream?

New markets come with both upside and challenging unknowns. Should you enter alone, in partnership or by relying on another entity? How much investment do you need? What will be the return? 

The right partnership can be the key to future growth. How do you select the right partner, and form partnerships that are successful both financially and operationally?

Set a strategy for years moving forward that incorporates the current state of your organization alongside future growth decisions—including both organic buildout and partnership or acquisition opportunities.

Identify the right partner, target or asset by leveraging our best-in-class research methodologies and modeling to fully understand the value each transaction candidate brings to the table, taking into account potential synergies, upsides and risks.

As you develop your offer, we’ll help shape your negotiating position and term sheet or operating agreement with an approach that captures maximum value and creates transactions that are likely to result in successful execution.

You’ve determined a strategy, identified the right target or partner and closed successfully. We’ll support your integration and alliance management efforts with our broad, cross-functional capabilities and deep implementation expertise.