To effectively meet your customers' needs, you need to walk a mile in their shoes—or have access to the data that effectively defines their experience. Are you capturing customer insights that can inform personalized marketing experiences? 


Companies can track email, web page and ad performance but lack deep customer insights. You need collaborative filtering algorithms to comb databases and provide analysis across the promotional life cycle, as well as the true ROI of each tactic.

To succeed at customer experience optimization, you need to become nimble and responsive through automation, process modernization and culture change, and build the right capabilities to operationalize your customer engagement strategy.

How can you ensure that you’re connecting effectively with your target audiences as they progress along the customer journey, delivering a high-quality and consistent customer experience across all company touch points and marketing channels?

ZS is optimizing the patient services experience by blending integrated data, predictive triggers and tangible actions. Watch the following video to learn more about this, as well as how ZS ensures patients have the right support when and where they need it.

We help develop end-to-end solutions, beginning with customer engagement strategy and ending with customer insights. We help you become a fully customer-centric operation through engagement strategy, tech adoption, process change and training.

Our proprietary collaborative filtering algorithms comb our cross-industry, syndicated database to serve up accurate channel and content preference predictions. ZS’s AffinityMonitor® and AccessMonitor™ reveal your customers’ communication preferences.

Work with us to integrate your marketing technology, generate data-driven insights and optimize your omnichannel commercial tactics—powered by ZS’s ZAIDYN™ Customer Engagement, which offers timely, relevant, AI-driven customer engagement recommendations. 

We help you synthesize analytical insights and build a road map. By understanding your own capabilities and where to prioritize, you can more easily implement the right technology, build your strategy and develop a tactical promotional plan.

Whether you need deep customer insights or want to experience your customers' interactions with your brand first-hand, we help you build customer journey maps, launch experiential learning opportunities and employ human-centered design principles.