Data trapped in disconnected places can prevent any team from fully using its data or applying rules that allow data to be analytics ready. Silos create different versions of the truth, slower response times and higher costs.

People in data science and analytics roles often see opportunities to innovate, but their progress is limited because data isn’t ready for business-critical analyses. 

Modern data ecosystems consist of an interwoven web of reports, notebooks, cloud stores, unstructured data sources and more, making it harder to understand and manage interdependencies, eliminate redundancies and find data sets.

A proliferation of reports and manual analytics may mean you’re ready for a reset. We’ll help you focus on data that drives action using the next generation of self-service reporting and augmented analytics tools.

Gain efficiencies, standardization and a lower total cost of ownership. From strategy to execution, we work with all premier cloud providers and technology stacks and we bring well-defined architecture patterns, proven frameworks and accelerators. 

Harness massive amounts of data while you minimize risk with an integrated yet agile master data management approach. Leverage value from any data stored and processed by next-generation platforms with a future-ready data governance program.

Develop and scale a data fabric solution for analytics transformation using our collection of data fabric and semantic search assets built on cutting-edge semantic graph and search technologies embedded with ZS-curated domain ontologies.

Tap into our library of smart algorithms infused with ZS’s pharma expertise. Not only do these capabilities improve efficiencies in our data services, but they also help you build in-house capabilities to scale data management functions efficiently.

Drive the operational and culture changes needed for cloud technologies and nimble processes that capitalize on the benefits of DevOps. Or choose managed services to rapidly implement DevOps across enterprise functions.

Rapidly implement an enterprise-grade data lake on the cloud with a range of services that leverage ZS assets and accelerators, from strategy and advisory support to business and IT transformation.