Navigating new terrain is easier when you have a guide. We’ll help you structure your organization around strengths, source vendors and partners, and set your solutions on an expedient path to commercialization and reimbursement.

To deliver innovative digital medicine products that improve outcomes, delight users and fit into existing workflows and journeys, you need a team that’s cross-functional and equipped to support the full product life cycle.

Complying with design control requirements while using software development best practices requires expertise and a tailored approach. Without it, your medical software development may stall or yield suboptimal results.

To put your digital medicine solutions in the hands of the people who need them, you need the right set of partners, including healthcare ecosystem stakeholders, compliance experts, certification authorities and technology developers.

Gain everything you need to deliver innovative solutions swiftly, from development vs. procurement decisions to internal operations, market opportunities, product management, regulatory paths, quality checks, go-to-market plans and commercialization.

Harness the expertise of product managers, UX researchers, interaction and content designers and software engineers to achieve your vision as you create innovative digital medicine solutions. 

Arm your product team with experts who will join your day-to-day efforts and find practical ways to identify risks, meet guidelines and fuel your success in digital medicine or software as a medical device (SaMD) development. 

Swiftly harness the evidence you need to fuel your journey—from regulatory clearance to clinical adoption and reimbursement. 

Pilot, launch and scale your digital health solutions in the U.S., EU and around the globe by finding the right partners, connecting workflows, and navigating an evolving reimbursement landscape.