During our interview process, you'll meet passionate ZSers who can tell you more about the role, their experiences, our culture and our firm. They're ready to answer all your questions and help you make an informed decision about the next phase of your career. Please note that your hiring process may differ depending on location, role and your specific needs.

Love of learning
Curiosity is rewarded. ZSers are exposed to a variety of interesting challenges that satisfy
their appetite for knowledge and build expertise that will propel them forward.

We are a community of innovators. Zsers are energized by opportunities to bring their
unique point of view and creative solutions to our clients' and stakeholders' most complex challenges.

Collaborative mindset
Collaboration is at the forefront of our innovation. Tight-knit, cross-functional teams
power every solution. And the relationships forged on these teams can power a career.

Entrepreneurial spirit
We don't wait to adapt to change. We actively seek it out. Motivated by blazing the trail,
we encourage Zsers to take strategic risks, break new ground and leave their mark.

  • Tell us details about your challenges, goals and the actions you've taken to meet the moment.
  • Demonstrate that you are curious and a constant learner who can take on a variety of challenges.
  • Show your capacity to leverage analytics and technology to bring innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Talk about your experiences working with others and collaborating with teams, especially under challenging circumstances.
  • Be confident in your unique experience and background. If you find the conversation stimulating, you'll likely thrive at ZS.

Online assessment


Depending on the role you are applying for, we may ask to gauge your knowledge through an online assessment. At ZS, we believe in continued learning and constant curiosity, so don’t worry about getting questions wrong. This assessment is to understand the knowledge you’ll come to ZS with, so we can place you on the right teams. Questions will check your understanding of logical reasoning, quantitative and qualitative reasoning and big data concepts such as cloud platforms, data management, data analytics and coding languages.

Behavioral interviews


Behavioral interviewing may sound intimidating, but really, we’re just getting to know you. We want to make sure you’ll be happy and successful at ZS and in the role you’re applying to. The number of behavioral interviews will vary depending on the role and location. Generally, behavioral interviews will be incorporated throughout the recruitment process, including formal conversations with your recruiter and other ZSers.

Case interviews


Case interviews provide a sneak peek into life at ZS. We’ll present you with a business problem to solve and assess your ability to approach the problem, create a plan, incorporate feedback and uncover new ways of thinking.

Case preparation and interviews can feel daunting and intimidating at first. If you can think of this as an opportunity to share your knowledge of basic analytics, structured problem-solving and communication skills, you’re already on the right track.

Subject matter expertise interviews


This interview will evaluate your subject matter expertise, quality of work, time management skills, stakeholder communications and problem-solving abilities. A team of ZSers will ask questions to assess your past projects and work, responsibilities relevant to the position you are applying for and steps taken to ensure quality of work.